Welcome to Dyson’s Salvias

We have been growing Salvias for over 25 years and hope you will enjoy browsing through our catalogue of wonderful Salvias.

Although it doesn’t fully represent our collection, which now numbers well over 250 different species, cultivars and hybrids, it gives details of the plants which we hope to supply in 2019.

We have been growing and raising Salvias in Kent for over 20 years now and have gained a level of knowledge and expertise unparalleled in the UK and Europe, especially with regard to the New World species and hybrids, which we specialise in.

The Nursery

Our nursery is situated within the beautiful garden of Great Comp,  which is open to the public between 11am and 5pm daily, from April 1st to October 31st. If you wish to visit the nursery outside of these hours please contact us to make an appointment.


We are currently unable to mail our plants to customers. However, we continue to accept orders for collection from the various shows and plant fairs which we attend or from our nursery. We will also continue to deliver orders to larger gardens and organisations, using our own transport.
To place an order, please email us with your ‘Wish List’ to check availability.