Close up of Salvia Cool Pale Blue

Introduction to Making More Salvias

Many salvias can be propagated from seed which usually germinates fairly rapidly. Named forms, cultivars and hybrids need to be propagated vegetatively.

The easiest and most reliable method is to use softwood cuttings, collected from actively growing plants, as early in the season as is practicable. This allows plants to become established before winter. Semi-ripe material collected in late summer is often recommended.

It is more difficult to overwinter young plants or rooted cuttings using this method and losses caused by the grey mould (Botrytis cinerea) can be high during autumn and winter. Botrytis is one of the worst diseases to affect salvias and can quickly wipe out large numbers of young plants if allowed to proliferate unnoticed.

Good air movement and fairly high light levels, coupled with good nursery hygiene are the best ways to combat the disease.

Our helpful guide here will help you grow your own Salvias.